Hiring with AI-Powered Precision

skillXchange tackles recruitment challenges with an advanced AI-powered platform that prioritizes a skills-first hiring approach. Seamlessly integrating with ATS systems and job boards streamlines talent acquisition. This method notably shortens hiring times and enhances the alignment between candidates and job requirements, emphasizing skills over resumes.

Better Job Descriptions

Every job description is intelligently optimized for the accuracy of the role requirements, responsibilities, and required skills.

AI-Powered Skill Tests

Job-specific skill tests are outputted using AI and synced directly to each job posting to ensure a seamless candidate experience.

Simple Job Syndication

Once the listing is complete your all your company job feeds are updated and syndicated to your job boards instantly.

Simplifying the Complexity and Inefficiency of Hiring

skillXchange Reduces Hours of Traditional Screening to Minutes with Automated Efficiency

Automated Skill Scoring

Automatically assess and score candidates, filtering them for qualification before they enter your ATS workflow, ensuring only the most suitable individuals are considered for your open positions.


AI Powered Skill Testing

skillXchange bypasses traditional test libraries, opting instead to construct assessments on demand to ensure continuous alignment with the latest job qualifications.

Dynamic Reporting

Gain insight into candidates’ core competencies, identify skill gaps, and make data-driven decisions to optimize and improve recruitment strategies.

High-Volume Screening

Rapidly filter through numerous job applicants in a brief timeframe, allowing for swift identification of candidates possessing the required skill set.


Detailed Skill Mapping

Each job description undergoes a detailed skill mapping to align with competencies, encompassing job responsibilities, required skills, education, and certifications.

Seamless Integrations

SkillXchange integrates seamlessly into existing hiring ecosystems, connecting with ATS systems and job boards to enrich recruitment processes.

Results that speak for themselves






Elevate Your HR Team to

Rockstar Status

55% Increase

Integrating skill tests within the job application experience – versus email invites to test – see a higher test start rate.

72% Filtered

Only the most qualified, best matched candidates advance to the next stage of hiring selection.

84% Tested

High rate of conversion from test start to test complete.

Today’s talent market demands a skills-first hiring strategy

We are revolutionizing the assessment industry and transforming recruitment with our AI-driven skill assessments. Our seamless workflow transitions smoothly from job posting to skill assessment, not only enhancing the candidate experience but doubling the adoption rates seen with conventional approaches.

Evolving Talent Market

Competition for the best, highly skilled talent shifts hiring to focus on skills versus qualifications to access a wider talent pool.

Changing Work Nature

A growing emphasis on skill-based project teams that prioritize specific skills over traditional job titles, departments or degrees.

Diversity & Inclusion

A skills-first hiring strategy minimizes unconscious biases and fosters a more diverse and inclusive culture.

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