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Frequently Asked Questions

What is skillXchange, and how can it transform my recruitment process?

skillXchange streamlines recruitment by focusing on skills. Effectively tackling mismatches between job requirements and candidate abilities, and speeding up the candidate review process.

How does skillXchange adapt to my specific industry requirements?

Our AI-powered platform can curate thousands of skill combinations from any job description. Whether you need technical or applied knowledge, skillXchange can create assessments tailored to your needs.

Can skillXchange help me identify skill gaps in potential candidates?

Absolutely! skillXchange provides insightful data on candidate performance, helping you pinpoint skill gaps. By making data-driven decisions, you can optimize and improve your recruitment strategies, ensuring you only hire the best-fitted candidates.

How does skillXchange ensure the relevance and accuracy of skill assessments?

skillXchange focuses on precise testing that corresponds to actual job requirements. We start with an industry standard of skills, responsibilities, education and required certifications and then build the assessment around the job description. 

What are the different levels of competency used in skillXchange assessments?

skillXchange utilizes five levels of competency: Novice, Intermediate, Proficient, Advanced, and Expert. The assessments include multiple question types such as situational questions, multiple choice, matching the correct answers, and fill-in-the-blank questions. 

How easy is it to integrate skillXchange into my existing HR process?

skillXchange is designed for easy integration into any ATS or Job Board Solution with its flexible API and XML job feed system.   

How can I sign up and get started with skillXchange?

Signing up for skillXchange is simple and quick! Sign-up only takes a few minutes, choose a subscription level and you can start building assessments in minutes. 

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