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Skill Assessments as a Service

Start offering Skill Assessments as a Service, providing comprehensive, real-time evaluations to accurately match candidates with job requirements

SkillXChange Partners unlock skill mapping

ANY skill, ANY job, ANY industry

Harnesses the power of AI-driven assessments and real-time data analysis to quickly and accurately gauge a candidate’s competency levels.

SkillXchange Partner Talent Pools

Monetize Candidates with Talent Pools

SkillXchange allows you to dive deeply into user profiles utilizing automated skill-scoring, increasing quality, accuracy, and engagement.

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ATS Partners

Promote a Skills-First Approach

  • Integrating skillXchange into your ATS transforms the hiring process into a more efficient and accurate journey.
  • Enhance your platform by adding a Skills-First approach to your employers as a premium service.
  • Deliver a new level of in-depth analysis to your clients to streamline workflows.  
ATS Partners
SkillXchange Job board Partners

Job Boards

Enhance your offerings with skillXchange

  • Attract employers who want to add a Skills-First approach
  • Enhance job remarketing through listing skill maps
  • Create a better applicant experience with higher engagement 
  • Add Skill-Monetization to your data strategy 

Marketing Partners

Join SkillXchange Reach

  • Refine marketing strategies and improve the overall recruitment experience, making job marketing more strategic and results-driven
  • Skill-based Marketing will increase reach as well as earnings per listing. 
  • Expand Revenue Channels while delivering more value that provides immediate results for clients.
SkillXchange Programmatic Partners

Best Talent, Every Time

Revolutionizing talent acquisition to ensure you attract the most qualified professionals perfectly aligned with their job requirements.


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