ProFundTM Account Executive (AE)

Location: Atlanta, GA Department: Customer Success
Type: Full Time Min Experience: Mid-Level

Welcome to Profund, where we strive to match exceptional talent with extraordinary opportunities. We’re thrilled you’ve taken the first step to join our expanding network of professionals. 

As a part of the next phase in our recruitment process, we have designed a unique assessment survey tailored to understand your skill set, work preferences, and individual strengths. The survey incorporates a mix of multiple-choice questions, true/false queries, match-the-answers, and fill-in-the-blank tasks. These have been categorized under various competency levels, ranging from Novice to Expert, to provide a thorough evaluation of your capabilities.

Why is this important? Our survey is designed to ensure your skills meet the job requirements, It uses real-world scenarios to gauge your technical understanding, applied knowledge, and vital soft skills.


Next Steps:

  1. Registration Online: Complete the short form below and you will be directed to take a short assessment.
  2. Complete the Assessment Survey: Your results will contribute to our Automated Skill Scoring system, streamlining the interview process.
  3. Schedule Your Interview: Once the survey is complete, you’ll be prompted to schedule your interview with one of our recruitment specialists.


We ask all applicants to complete a short assessment to identify their strengths within the position they are applying.