Assessment Enrollments

Create user enrollments with ease, granting access to assessments, and courses unlocking knowledge pathways.

What are the different ways I can enroll students to take my assessment?

Share an Assessment Link Direct to a Student or Group of Students

    • From the main menu on the homepage, select Assessments
    • Click on the assessment key number
    • A pop-up window shows the assessment URL. Select <copy> to copy the link.
    • Now, paste the URL either as a link from your homepage, embedded as part of your online course content or into an email for you to send directly to students.
    • Your student(s) will click the assessment link and receive an on-screen notification to create a profile account at first login. This includes first name, last name, email, postal code, and security questions. A secondary notification on email verification will set up a unique password for the student.
    • On log-in, the student will be directed to take the assessment you created.

Invite Students to Join from skillXchange

You can use these default templates or set up personalized templates from the dashboard/admin tools/templates page.