How to Create Communication Templates

Facilitate seamless interaction between instructors and learners, enabling feedback, clarification, and support.

You set up here the communications your student will receive as they begin and finish the assessment.

    • Select the Welcome, Notification, Pass, and Fail messaging templates

Welcome message: Ready to start the assessment? Make sure you are free from distractions, maybe have your favorite drink nearby, and get ready to pass with flying colors. You got this. Read the question carefully, and based on the answer choices, select what you think is the right choice. Good luck!

Pass message: You did it. Well done. You’ve successfully passed with a passing score of. Do a little happy dance. We’re cheering with you.

Failed message: Good try. That was a hard one. Your score didn’t get a passing score for the assessment. See if you can try again.

You can use these default templates or set up personalized templates from the dashboard/admin tools/templates page.