Everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full career potential.

skillXchange's innovative solution focusing on a skills-first approach, diving deep into actual competencies to assess, measure, and connect with talent, driving success across all industries.

Skills-First Approach

SkillXchange is an innovative solution that’s transforming how you assess, measure, and connect with talent. It’s time to dive deep into the actual competencies that drive success.

skillXchange's platform offering customized assessments tailored for any job, skill, or industry, evaluating hard skills, job knowledge, and applied skills based on specific job requirements.

ANY job, ANY skill, ANY industry

Our platform enables you to create specific test categories that evaluate hard skills, job knowledge, and applied skills, all curated from your job description and requirements.

skillXchange's Automated Skill Scoring feature, combined with Talent Pools and AI-driven insights, enabling employers to consistently discover the perfect candidate for any position.

Automated Skill Scoring

With Automated Skill Scoring, Talent Pools, and unparalleled AI-driven insights, we enable you to discover the Perfect Candidate for any position, every time.

Best Talent, Every Time

Join the transformation, and make your recruitment process a true reflection of the skills and competencies that fuel your success. With skillXchange, you are not just hiring; you’re engaging with the very essence of what makes a candidate the ideal fit. If it can be tested, skillXchange can find it. Experience the future of recruitment today!

Enhance Your Reach

Discover and Connect with the Ideal Candidates

  • Optimized job postings placed locally, regionally, or nationally
  • Simple applicant screening focused on the applicant’s experience
  • Applicant data capture designed to engage in skill verification
skillXchange's features to enhance reach by optimizing job postings, simplifying applicant screening focused on experience, and capturing applicant data for skill verification. Connect with the right talent wherever they are.
skillXchange's precision testing features, including one-click conversion to role-specific skill tests, a global library of limitless combinations, and AI-powered test creation tools. Experience rapid results for an all-encompassing evaluation of experience, knowledge, competency, and task skills.

Precision Testing

Tailored Assessments for Accurate Skill Evaluation

  • One-click conversion to skill tests needed for the role
  • Global library with limitless skill test combinations
  • AI-powered skill test creation tool based on job, industry, and skill requirements
  • Results in minutes to screen for experience, knowledge, competency, and task skills

Better Conversion

Transform Candidates into Perfect Team Members

  • Skill-qualified candidates captured based on minimum scoring criteria
  • Applicant data passed through ATS to applicant tracking systems
  • Dynamic reporting tools to visualize candidate criteria based on skill performance
skillXchange's conversion features, including skill-qualification based on scoring criteria, seamless integration with applicant tracking systems (ATS), and dynamic reporting tools to visualize candidate criteria and skill performance. A comprehensive approach to turning potential candidates into perfect team members.

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