skillXchange Integrates with

Lever for Skills-First Hiring

skillXchange Integrates with Lever for Skills-First Hiring

Today, we are thrilled to share an exciting development that brings us closer to our mission of reshaping the talent acquisition landscape with a skills-first approach. 

We already connect with Applicant Tracking Systems using webhooks. And now we are thrilled to launch our first native integration with Lever. 

Lever’s transformative approach to sourcing, recruiting, and hiring aligns perfectly with our mission of making talent acquisition more precise and human-centric.

skillXchange – Skills First, Always!

At skillXchange, our passion lies in offering dynamic and precise hiring assessments for any skill, across any job, and within any industry. We firmly believe that hiring is most successful when skills take the lead, and our integration with Lever empowers companies to do just that.

If Lever is in your HR tech stack, our integration brings these benefits:

  • AI-Powered Skill Tests: Launch job-specific skill tests, precisely tailored to your position requirements and desired skills.
  • Skills Validation: Ensure that candidates possess the exact skills needed for the job, elevating the quality of your hires and mitigating the risk of mismatches.
  • Streamlined Talent Acquisition: Automate the screening process to save time and resources, allowing you to quickly identify the best-fit talent for every role.
  • Scale and Optimize Hiring: Leverage AI-powered technologies to reach, test, and convert talent, maximizing your success in finding the best-fit candidates and securing quality placements.
Want to see skillXchange in action with your ATS? Schedule a demo with our product team here. 

We’ll help get you setup with skillXchange

We’re with you every step of the way. Schedule an integration call with our integration group or if you’re ready to get going on your Lever integration, all the steps are on the Lever help center. 

Unlock skill testing with your ATS

Pre-employment skill testing technology sets the stage for a high-performing, future-ready workforce while staying ahead in the competitive talent landscape.

  • Increased Hiring Accuracy: AI-driven skill tests in candidate screening lead to up to 96% alignment between candidates’ demonstrated skills and job requirements, ensuring you identify the most qualified candidates.
  • Time and Resource Savings: Integrating AI-powered skill tests results in a 75% reduction in screening time, allowing recruiters to focus on higher-value tasks like interviewing and relationship-building.
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience: Candidates appreciate the efficiency and objectivity of AI-driven skill testing, strengthening your employer brand.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Skill testing generates valuable proficiency data, enabling data-driven decision-making throughout the hiring process.
  • Streamlined Recruitment Pipeline: AI-powered skill tests automate candidate ranking, optimizing the screening process and accelerating time-to-hire.
  • Alignment with Future-Ready Hiring: Embracing AI-driven skill testing positions you as an innovative employer, leveraging technology for better decision-making and talent acquisition.
  • Competitive Advantage: By using AI-powered skill testing, you gain a competitive edge, attracting skilled candidates who value data-driven, efficient hiring practices.

At skillXchange, we are transforming the way you hire, putting skills at the forefront and making every hiring decision more precise and informed. Join us in this journey towards a skills-first future!

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