How to Grow Course Enrollments: 3 Ways to Use Skill Tests

It’s time to take a look at skill tests as a way to grow course enrollment sign-ups.

Online learning is not only here, it’s growing at a rapid pace as people all over the world seek to develop new skills. For instance, a July 2022 report from McKinsey& Company finds learner enrollment in online courses grew from 300,000 to 220 million in the ten-year period from 2011 to 2021.

How do course creators get more enrollment sign-ups? By using a combination of traditional and digital marketing strategies to reach new audiences of learners.

Above all, the leaders in course marketing prove the best strategy is through a highly personalized experience and a frictionless sales funnel. Undeniably, skill tests convert quickly to course sales. 


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In this article, we highlight the use of skill testing as a way to reach new audiences for course signups, and show how skill tests boost course enrollments and positive experiences for online learning. 

Read on to see how course content creators are adding skill tests as a way to reach more learners and increase enrollments. 


“Knowing my skill score helps me choose the right course.”


We’ve asked thousands of online learners and they’ve told us: it’s overwhelming to choose the right course. Connecting early with an online learner, and personally guiding them to the right course makes a big difference in course enrollment rates and course satisfaction. 

We all have different levels of skills and knowledge. Online learners say there’s nothing more frustrating than enrolling in a course only to discover all the material is on topics they already know. 

As a course content creator, how do you solve this problem? 

Give learners a quick way to pre-test. Then, deliver a better, highly personalized experience by matching to the right course. Matching to a course based on a skill score increases enrollment rates and creates a better learning experience for your courses. 

Simply put, pre-enrollment skill test assessments for online courses are used to measure current knowledge and skills. An online learner takes a skill test and based on the score, they select which course is best for them to enroll in to advance their learning and skill development.

Skill assessments as part of the sales funnel helps market courses in a creative, highly personalized way. Adding skill assessments to a sales funnel makes online courses standout and reach their full potential.

Using skillXchange, course creators easily set up and share pre-enrollment skill assessments. Online learners test their skills before choosing which course is right for them. 


“I like seeing personalized course recommendations.”


The best experiences online include personalized recommendations. Whether you’re shopping on Amazon or looking for something to watch on Netflix, recommendations based on personal preferences and experiences guide decision to buy or take action.

Similarly, recommending a course works the same: online learning becomes really powerful when recommendations are tied to an individual skill score.

Simply put, online learners want recommendations. What course should I take based on my current skills?

Give learners the opportunity to test their skills and see their results. Then, deliver personalized recommendations to guide them to the best course. In skillXchange, you can:

  • Queue up a link at the end of a skill test back to your courses page
  • Auto-enroll in the next best course to take based on an achieved skill score, or range of scores
  • Recommend courses based on skill scores
  • Link additional skill tests on your course website

Personalized recommendations generate leads. Plus, your course content is promoted in an interesting way and helps you stand out from other course content creators.

skillXchange intelligently displays course recommendations for learners based on individual skill scores. It’s simple to configure links to courses based on score ranges.


“I take online courses to upskill and find a new job.”


One way to market your courses is through job networks. Job networks are a great way to get leads for your online course as well as promote your course portfolio.

Job seekers are always looking to upskill and add credentials to stand out in the hiring process. Skill tests are an innovative marketing tool to directly reach this audience of learners.

Job networking sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter have millions of active users per month looking for work, so they’re a good place to start when you want to find people interested in buying your online course.

skillXchange has integration points with the leading job network platforms.

We promote the skill tests you create and share with job applicants as part of the hiring process. On completion of a skill test, course recommendations for continued learning and upskilling are linked back to drive course enrollments.

Skill testing through skillXchange lets you reach a wider audience. It increases enrollments by marketing your courses effectively across job networks. 


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Skill tests are a powerful way to market your online courses. 

By offering free skill tests, you’re able to attract more students and automate enrollments.

Furthermore, using skill test results as a way to recommend courses keeps students engaged in your course program.

Finally, by integrating with job networks, you reach a massive potential audience for course signups and enrollments.


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