ANY skill, ANY  job, ANY Industry:

If it can be tested, we can handle it.

SkillXchange is not just another assessment tool; it’s a fully automated, cutting-edge platform designed to redefine how you assess and measure competencies. Forget the days of generic assessments; skillXchange takes skill testing to an unparalleled level.


Customized Assessments

Job titles, project specifics, and unique requirements are not just details for us; they’re key to creating your custom assessments. We’ll craft and curate assessments based on your specific needs with no limitations.

Unmatched Accuracy

Our advanced algorithms ensure every assessment result is accurate and meaningful, guiding you to the right candidate or defining your project’s team composition faster than ever before.

Streamline Talent Acquisition

Save time and resources by automating the screening process, allowing you to quickly identify the best-fit talent for every role.

Features to Help You Quickly Get the Talent Your Company Needs

Provide users with a comprehensive and customizable assessment experience, enabling effective testing, organization, and communication.

Automated Skill Scoring

Automatically score completed assessments to streamline the hiring process, save time, and ensure consistent and objective evaluation.


AI Powered Skill Tests

Choose from thousands of skill combinations custom curated from your job description and requirements, with skillXchange AI.

Dynamic Reporting

Gain insight into candidate performance, identify skill gaps, and make data-driven decisions to optimize and improve recruitment strategies.

High-Volume Screening

Efficiently screen a large number of job applicants within a short period, enabling quick identification of candidates with the desired skill set.

Testing Categories

Create test categories to assess hard skills, job knowledge and applied skills.

Create Talent Pools

Master the art of talent acquisition by honing in on skills and competencies, and shaping bespoke talent pools.



More than half of the applicants initiate the process by undertaking the assessment.



Over 80% of candidates who begin their skill assessment complete it.



On average, skillXchange eliminates 72% of candidates who are not suitable.

Streamline Hiring with skillXchange

We offer a reliable and scalable solution to filter large applicant flows efficiently. By leveraging technology to assess candidates’ skills accurately, companies can streamline their hiring process, discover top talent, and build a workforce that contributes to long-term success and growth.


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